Essential Principles to Write A Ballad Song

Essential principles to write a ballad song

Love is a great thing in our life. It makes the human be happy, sad, and worry. Many composers get the inspiration from love. They write the wonderful ballads. They can express about a special person in their lives. Besides, writing the concept of loves, you can write other characters in the ballad songs. They can be the love-lorn kings, the broken hearted sailor, and the cowboys. These things will become a good story in a ballad song. If you have a little passion for the ballad music you can start to write it. However, you will feel easier when you have some basic knowledge to compose it. In this article, I want to introduce the essential principles to write a ballad song. You should base on these elements to compose the ballad music in the right way.

What Is The Ballad Music?

Before you write this music, you should understand the meaning of ballad music. I will explain in this definition. The ballad music comes from the country music and the folk music. Therefore, it often has the slow melodies. The words are not flowery as other types of music. But it still creates a big attraction as well as the emotions to the listeners. The ballad songs bring many moods of the composers and singers.

Essential Principles to Write A Ballad Song

You can research the structure of a ballad song. Besides, you also understand the meaning of this music. But you will have many difficult to write it. Therefore, you should add these essential principles to write a ballad song as soon as possible. Especially, you have some skills to compose a new song. How about writing a ballad song will be mentioned with 3 main steps:

  1. How to Think A Topic of A Ballad Song

Thinking a good topic for a new ballad song

Although the ballad music is often the romantic songs, they are also very tragic. It is a good lesson to refer to a creation of other artists. Here are some suggestions for your reference such as:

  • The ballad songs of the traditional British are often funny, tragic, and satirical. These songs are the story of love, work, and death.

Most of the sweet loves in the ballad songs

  • The ballad songs of The North American mention the love, scandal, violence, and the disaster. The classic North America ballads can include John Henry and Casey Jones.
  • Additionally, you can refer to other modern artists to get more experience. You can think about a lot of topics for new ballad song.

After you collect some ideas, you will decide the final theme. When you choose your topic you need to focus on it. It is important to think to an outline. This will help you have a clear direction for your song. You must try to arrange the idea in an orderly.

In addition, there are a lot of important elements of the plot. You can not list all in a short ballad song. So, you should skip the unnecessary factors. Instead, you pay attention to the exciting things. The combination of the parts is to create the rationality for a song.

  1. How to Write A Ballad Song

Necessary to know the form and the structure of a ballad song

  • Firstly, you should find a phrase for beginning. This is the most difficult part of composing a song. Moreover, it is also the most important thing. With an attractive starter, the listeners want to listen to it more. It is the same a part of their story. In some cases, the composers can change a phrase into the short introduction. It is also a good idea.
  • Secondly, you will establish a rhythm and rhyme scheme for a ballad song. Normally, ballads have four- line verses. They can have two or more rhyme. This depends on the length of your song.
  • Now, you will start to write the chorus. In the ballad form, the chorus is very flexible. It may be a sentence which it is repeated in each verse. Or you can choose two sentences for repeating. Even, some ballad composers can repeat all choruses. Each repeating will have a small change. This will create the new in your song.
  • Then, you will write the second verse. It remembers to write it in the same style with the first verse. Most of the ballad songs will be used the same rhythm during a song. If you want to make a difference you can change the rhythm for the chorus part and the verse.
  • Finally, you will finish your ballad song. It is better to use your sample structures. You can consider again. You can change the length of each sentence. You can do anything to have a good result. However, you should complete the song which it must follow the same structural guidelines.
  1. How to Check Your Song in The Final Times

Surely, a composer always edits their song once more time. He will detect some things. Do not hurry up to edit immediately. You should clear this story in your mind. You can focus on other things such as listening to music, drinking a cup of a coffee, and relaxing. You will have the new eyes to start editing. According to the opinion of the professional composers, checking again a ballad song should follow step by step as follows:

Start editing what you want to change in your song

  • To begin, the composers should go back the trouble positions in your songs. They can find out a new idea to change;
  • After that, the composer will read the song out loud. You will recognize some places which they are too awkward to listening. You can adjust or edit easily;
  • You feel satisfied what you do. However, it is only your opinion. Thus, you should ask someone to look over it. Of course, you do not share anything about the content of the song. They are the audience. You are successful when the audience can understand what you mentioned in a ballad song;
  • In the final step, music will help your song become more meaning and more wonderful. Surely, your ballad song is very attractive when you put the music in it.

In summary, writing a ballad song is not simple without any knowledge. At that time, you do not know how to start. You will have a good opportunity to develop your composing skill throughout this writing. They are the important information for a ballad composer. I hope that you will create a lot of great ballad songs. Wish you success!

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