How to Write a Pop Song in The Right Way

How to write a pop song in the right way

The human life becomes more wonderful when having the contribution of the music. Listening to music brings many benefits of us. Even, it is also a hobby of many people. Additionally, there are a lot of music’s types. So, we can choose some types to enjoy. Each genre will have its own characteristics. In my opinion, I love all pop songs. They are so great to listen. I do not have the ability to write it myself. I like to research all things relating to writing a pop song properly. Now, I have a brief introduction to writing this music. They are the necessary information to know if you want to write a pop song. Please look at these following tips in this writing.


Not easy to write a hit pop song

Construct An Outline for New Pop Song

  1. Finding out Your Inspiration

To avoid having the mistakes for writing pop music, it is very important to make an outline for your pop song. Surely, the purpose of this song will express an idea. Your idea will be the main inspiration for a song. Some following suggestions will help you have the good places to find out your inspiration:

  • What are your needs? You like a crowded place or the silent place. Any places which they are suitable to have a good idea should be thought to;
  • Besides, you should not focus on the complex things. In fact, the pop songs will often contain some features such as short, sweet, and optimistic. So, they are the essential criteria to remember for the pop composers;
  • Also, you should focus on your sensory abilities. The sounds, colors, and any smell can create the special impression. This is the inspiration.
  1. Preparing Some Things to Save Your Ideas

Preparing some things to save your ideas

It is not easy to have some good ideas. And you will use all of them in the outline. You can forget them if you do not write down those ideas into a notebook. The different locations and the interesting things will bring your inspiration. Normally, the pop composers like to get the feeling from the natural things. You must list all ideas with the singular topic.

On the other hands, your ideas should easy to understand for everyone. The pop songs are often very popular with the audiences. They are the listeners and give some comments for your songs. Therefore, you must be toward the feelings of the audience.

  1. Creating New Things From The Old Things

Most of the composers are only around the few topics. They are love, sadness, happiness, longing…..this is the reason which your pop songs can not let any special impression. From these old things, you should make up them. You should create the new things.

  1. Start Making An Outline for Your Song


Should make an outline for your pop song

After you collect many ideas for a new song you will start making an outline for it. You will write the lyrics in the sentences. They are the noun phrases, the active verbs, and the adjective. You should write the lyrics as you write a movie script. It is an exciting story to the listeners. Here is the outline’s structure for your pop songs:

  • A pop song will include verse, pre-chorus, chorus, verse, chorus, interlude, and chorus. Although you try to make the new things in the pop song you must follow this basic structure. It is considered the principles;
  • In the two sets of verses, you can tell your story. You will introduce the story to the listeners. This helps the listeners know what you are sharing in the first verse. In the second set, you can repeat the main elements of the first set. Also, you can change the direction of your story;
  • You should focus on the main idea clearly in this chorus. Some pop composers use the chorus to make the title of the song.

Add The Music for The Lyrics

Use the musical instrument to add music for your lyrics

Surely, the rhythm of the song is different. The sad songs are always very different the happy songs. The important parts in the pop song are the hook or riff. The audience can love your songs when it has the good hook. Thus, you should pay attention to add the special music for the different riffs.

Beyond that, the melody needs easy to remember. It is better to have a mixture of repetition. You can base on the other melodies of another composer. Then, you create a variation on it. You must ensure that your melody has your own characteristic.

The audiences will really like to listen to the pop songs which they have the level of repetition. The melody of the first line will be applied to the second. It will be changed on the third line. And you will come back to the original for the fourth line. This is a common factor in the pop music;

Finish Your Song

After adding the music for the lyrics, the composers should check the rhythm. With the modern pop songs, they allow having the free-styling. However, you still keep the basic rhyme format.  So, you can edit to change some things for your pop songs which all of them fit the best. Additionally, you can collaborate with the family, friends, or other people. They can give some useful advice. From there, you will improve your pop songs in the best ways.

Finally, you will check what you do. To do it, you should record the song in a tape recorder. At that time, you can listen to it again. You can edit more if you want to. You will decide to finish your song at any time.

In short, there are many ways to write a pop song. Your inspiration is an important element. However, how to write in the right way needs to follow some principles. I just mention in this article. I hope that this information is a valuable thing for the pop composers.

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