The Strengths And Limitations of Pop Music

The strengths and limitations of the pop music

As you know, the pop music is a genre of the contemporary music. Nowadays, it becomes very common in the popular music. The pop music depends on the period of time in history and each different location on over the world. So, there is no term to indicate the exact meaning of this type of music. Moreover, we can distinguish the pop with other music when basing on some features. They are the characteristics of the article styles, the dance rhythm, or beat. Most of the pop melodies are simple and easy to listen. Especially, there are some sections which they are repeated a lot of times in a pop song. The lyrics in the pop always mention to love, emotion, and the dance. All of them are the strengths of pop music. However, some musical experts still give some limitations of this music. To help you have more information, I will share both the strengths and limitations of pop music. I believe that you will have the basic knowledge about music.

The Strengths of The Pop Music

We will know the strengths of pop music through the big contribution of the famous pop singers. They create the remarkable effects around the world. Even, the pop songs are considered the hit pop songs until now. Of course, in each stage of history, there is a special pop singer. Here are some typical examples for you as follows:

  • In the 1980s, the pop stars are Michael Jackson and Madonna. The audiences called them as King of Pop and Queen of Pop. With the album named Thriller of Michael Jackson, it has set a record that the album is the best selling of all time. It reached to over 110 million copies. Besides, Michael Jackson is the most successful singer of this decade. He has had 9 songs that they won a championship in the United State.
  • It is the same time. There is a pop singer. She is Madonna. This singer has a different style. She knows the way to combine pop with other genres. Techno, Hip-hop are the typical examples. Madonna also has some albums with the high turnover. They include Like a Virgin, True Blue, and Like a Prayer. She is considered the second successful artists in the 1980s.

A famous pop singer in the 1980s –Queen of Pop- Madonna

  • Following Michael Jackson and Madonna, there are also some famous singers. They are Mariah Carey, Backstreet Boys, Westlife, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez…. Each person brings the particular style. They contribute the success as well as the development of the pop music. Thus, the pop music is increasingly popular and has the confirmed position in the world.
  • The end of the 1990s, two “princess” are Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. They cause the storms over the world with two songs. They are two pop songs which a lot of people like to hear. Baby Once More Time and Genie in a Bottle in 1999 are two pop songs which I want to mention.

Beyond that, many successes of some artists of each period are the strength of the pop music in our life. Pop music also brings a great benefit to the listeners. The pop music will help the error checking get the high result. It is a research of Mindlab educational institutions. So, we need to listen to the pop song in the input job.

On the other hands, pop music is called the public music. Compared with other music, it is quite simple and directed to the majority audience. Therefore, the pop music is easy to listen to the simple melodies. Moreover, there is often the repeated chorus in several times in a song. This is also an advantage of the pop music.

The great success of Britney Spears in a song “Baby Once More Time” in 1999

The Limitations of Pop Music

We can not deny that many people love the pop songs. They have the benefits and contribute the significant success in the musical world. This helps the listeners have more choice to enjoy the different music. But, the pop music also has some limitations. I will list the typical limitations below:

  • Not only the melody and the composing themes are becoming very poor. Recently, many pop songs have the fairly similar about the melody and beat. For example, Sorry Sorry song of Super Junior is very successful. Then, this band also sings other pop songs. They are Mr. Simple, Bonamana, Free, and Sexy and Single. But, these songs are not special because they still have somewhere the shadow of Sorry Sorry. The audiences do not feel exciting with some new pop songs.

Super Junior- Very successful with the pop song Sorry Sorry

  • The second limitation of the pop music is as boring as listening. So, the life of a pop song can not last too long. Typically, the songs such as Blurred Lines and Wrecking Ball become so hot. Then, in a short time, they do not attract the attention of the listeners more.
  • A study in 2008, the modern pop also affects the creative dynamics of the listeners. It means the modern pop music has a negative impact on the creativity of each individual.

In conclusion, most of the pop songs only meet the instant entertainment factor. They are easy to hear and to recite. However, the audiences can forget after a few minutes. Besides, the pop music does not have the frills. They are very simple and monotonous. This makes the listeners be difficult to find the excitement. Also, the listeners can not create the special impression. Surely, the listeners can not keep in their mind too long. Here are the strengths and limitation of the pop music. If you love this type of music you should focus on the strengths. Some limitations will help you have the relating knowledge when you want to analyze the pop to other. I think that this article is useful for you.

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