Change Your Music Listening Habit With Vinyl Records

Everyone loves music, but not all of us know much about the vinyl records, especially young people. Though the modern vinyl records are published for more than 50 years, they are not popular in this century because of several reasons. However recently, the vinyl is coming back as a new trend of music enjoyment with a proof of high-quality music used by DJs and music producers. The revenue of this industry is increasing day by day and young people are interested in having a vinyl collection than buying an account from Spotify.

So why don’t we try to change our music listening habit with a vinyl record? It would be very exciting and fun as well!

Golden records

Some Interesting Facts about the Vinyl Records

  • Vinyl record for the universe

Have you ever heard about vinyl records that are widely distributed across the universe? They are the two copies of the Golden record. In these vinyl records, they recorded songs from different cultures as well as greetings from all countries in the world as well as several messages. The record is played in the universe to indicate any other cultures outer space.

Until today, the records are still being played on Voyager – a spacecraft which is more than 10 billion miles away from our planet.

  • The sound and color of the vinyl records

At the beginning, people often make records in many colors including black. However, there were so many reports about disc skipping comparing to the albums using black vinyl. In addition, people believe that the sounds from color vinyl are quite different from the same album in the black version. That’s the reason why today they only produce black vinyl. They are quieter, produce less noise and more stable.

However, because of the rarity of color vinyl, there are so many collectors who are willing to pay for them at a very high price. There are even some forums or markets for this type of vinyl record.

Vinyl record player

  • How to play vinyl records?

There are only two devices for vinyl record playing: turntable and record player. The modern record player is now smaller, portable and better in the sound producing. In fact, the best way to feel comfortable when using record player is to buy the best portable record player to bring with you every time. Another device is the turntable, which is commonly used by DJs because it allows the player to do some special techniques with the vinyl.

Building Your Own Pop Vinyl Record Collection

Giving out a list of Pop vinyl records is a challenging task since each of us has our own music taste. Therefore these suggestion is only my own opinion about high – quality Pop records that should be bought for beginners. In fact, the vocal and the sound quality of these records are quite adequate so you can give it a try and based on them to actually test other records before buying.

  1. Teenage Dream (Katy Perry)

One of the best vinyl disc in 2010 because of the album them, the songs and of course, the vinyl quality. Whenever I’m down, I listen to this album and feel relaxed and full of energy again. In fact, there are so many remarkable hits that go along with the success in Katy’s career life as a singer such as “Firework”, “Teenage Dream”. That’s why this is one of the musts – have albums if you want to find something new and cool in the 2010s.

  1. The 20/20 Experience (Justin Timberlake)

I guess no one can deny the attractive and sexy singing voice of Justin with his hits. In fact, his songs are even better in this vinyl record album. It’s such a good comeback from JT since 2012. This epic album is one of the most musts – have in 2013 though it might cost you quite a lot with the price $50. If you want to find something blasting in this album, they might be “Mirrors” and “Suit & Tie”. Don’t even think about going anywhere without having these songs in your playlist.

Pop vinyl album

  1. Uptown Special (Mark Ronson)

Many people say this vinyl is not worth buying since there is no good song in it. However, there is one that saves the entire album. I think when you hear the name “Uptown Funk”, there wouldn’t be any reason to stop you from buying this record. When you buy this one and hear the rest of it, you will recognize that this is not a bad choice at all. If you are a fan of funk, pop, and rock, this is definitely the album you should buy in 2015. Though this album doesn’t have lots of highlights comparing to other choices, “Uptown Funk” and “Feel right” are good enough to blow your mind and make your body dance already.

  1. Body Talk (Robyn)

Though Robyn is a new name with several hits, people will wonder whether her album is worth buying or not. But once you hear one or two songs such as “Dancing on my own” or “Don’t Tell Me What To Do”, you realize that it is the one for your 2010 album collection. A masterpiece that makes you realizes that the music is not only about EDM with meaningless lyrics.

These are just some of my simple suggestions about the interesting vinyl record for Pop lovers to change their minds about listening to music through the modern device and forget about the true quality of music enjoyment. The sounds of digital formats can be compared with the vinyl records when they are played. That the reason why people keep buying LPs though they are so old and hard to find. In fact, there are so many things else you need to find out when starting to be a new vinyl collector. If you have any troubles or want to see more about records and turntables, please take a look at our blog about vinyl collections, maybe that will be helpful. Have fun with music and vinyl records!

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