Find The Right Wireless Headphones For Your Gym Bag

Many years ago when Walkman headphones were found and the device revolution took place in the 1980s, headphones were designed to be large and cumbersome. However, things have changed. Headphones are designed more compact and become an indispensable devices for entertainment purposes. Wearing headphones anywhere means that we carry music to any daily activities, especially sport. Music makes you forget about the boredom and tiresome while training but at the same time motivate you to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Headphones industry, especially sport headphones have developed rapidly with innovations and reduced price. One of the latest and also the best innovation in sport headphones is the wireless headphones. Users don’t have to face with entanglement of wire while on the training but can enjoy the convenient of the connection with phone and other technical devices.

In order to buy the suitable wireless headphones for workout, you should consider two main elements: design and functionality.


Determining the purpose of using a pair of headphones will help consumers determine the type of headphones will suit to their needs. Before finding out what will be the best wireless headphones for working out, we should look into three types of headphones as below:

  1. Earbuds (aka In-ear Headphones):

Wireless Earbuds with Loops

Earbuds are worn directly into the outer ear or attached to the ear canal of users. Some earbuds models are provided with rubber bands or soft foam in the earmuffs to match different ear shapes and prevent the earbuds from falling off.

  • Pros: The compact, lightweight design and most of earbuds have built-in microphone and navigation buttons; earbuds can isolate sound from the outside well, are less stick into hair or accessories such as glasses and earrings.
  • Cons: Sound and bass quality is often not comparable to full-size headphones, which can be annoying if used for a long time. In addition, some earbuds are difficult to remove from the ear.
  • Advanced Features: Volume control remote; a variety of sizes and materials of earmuffs (foam, rubber, silicon…); volume balance settings.
  1. On-ear Headphones:Wireless On-ear Headphones

While the On-ear headphones also covers the ears, some consumers still prefer the full-sized headphones, which are better at noise-cancelling. However, for users wearing a pair of headphones while playing sport and exercise outside on the crowded street, on-ear headphones are better because users can hear sounds from outside so that they can prevent ongoing accidents.

  • Pros: Comfortable; not too hot when wearing than full-size headphones.
  • Cons: The ability to isolate noise is not good as in-ear headphones and full-sized headphones.
  • Advanced Features: Built-in microphone and navigation, foldable design, wire can be wrapped.


  1. Full-size Headphones:

The full-sized headphones have head-band design. The headphones are usually quite large in size and have good sound insolation. Therefore, the full-size headphones are suitable for wearing at home rather than for multi-tasking purposes.

  • Pros: High quality sound; better noise filtering than previous headphones.
  • Cons: Large size is not suitable for moving purposes; some full-size models cause heat when wearing for the long time; inconvenience for users who wear glasses, earrings due to getting tangled into the hair.
  • Advanced features: Foldable design, detachable headphone cord, integrated microphone, navigation buttons, volume control remote, replaceable ear cushions; additional 3.5 mm plug allow multiple users to connect and hear at the same time.

Wireless Full size Headphones

Looking through three types of headphones, the most ideal wireless headphones for working out might be the earbuds due to the convenient to fit in various types of sport.


Size and type of headphones are essential factors to consider when choosing the headphones. However, the functional features of the headphones play an equally important role in choosing the right sport headphones. You should take into consideration the following features of the wireless headphones for working out:

  1. Bass:

Even with the best models, the bass quality of the headphones cannot match the bass quality of large speakers or subwoofers. However, many producers have fixed the audio setting of low frequencies. However this means that the sound quality is less natural.

Earbuds have a compact design and high mobility, but this type of headphones cannot match the full-size headphones about bass quality.

  1. Noise-cancelling:

This feature eliminates background noise by emitting sound waves which are capable of eliminating noise. The headphone are quite diverse, from full-size headphones to earbuds. With this type of headphones, users no longer have to turn up the volume to drown out the outside sound, reducing the risk of hearing outside noise.

  • Pros: Automatic noise-cancelling technology eliminates background noise, suitable for the use in noisy environment.
  • Cons: Changing the original quality of songs, sonic noise cancellation makes some users feel nauseated.
  1. Comfort And Weight:

Although the evaluating of sound quality is always subjective, the only way users can judge comfort when using the headphones is to try it out for at least 10 minutes.

Full-size headphones which cover the whole ear often cause discomfort and hot after using them for the long time. The headband of full-size headphones is also quite large in size so they will not be recommend for workout. As for the earbuds, the common issue is easy to fall down especially the wireless earbuds. Thus you should look for the wireless earbuds with the loops or neck-band to secure the headphones.

  1. Durability:

You should not take the headphones as other technical devices which is replicable after short time use. Unlike other electronic products, the headphones are not old-fashioned even after 6 months or 1 year. Moreover, some models have high durability.

Therefore, when choosing the sport headphones, you should pay attention to the durability of the headphones as well as the price and quality. Some low quality headphones from un-known brands are often damaged quickly. In addition, you should also remember that the ear cushions are often torn or dilated after a period of use. Thus, don’t hesitate to invest on the reputable brand to ensure the quality and warranty service of the headphones.

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